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Our vision is to touch the lives of 10 million teenagers in 10 years by mentoring them in the skills and tools necessary to build a sustainable personal Lifeplan.

The Lifeplan Institute’s goals are lofty. But we know we can make a difference by providing support and skills to help teenagers overcome the four social epidemics that threaten our children: drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, and gang participation. The Lifeplan Institute, founded in September 2008, was inspired by our commitment to make a positive difference in millions of young people’s lives.

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A Plan For Life: Why Every Young Person Should Have a Lifeplan

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National Football Foundation Becomes an Official Partner of the Lifeplan Program

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The Lifeplan institute is the outgrowth of generous sponsorship by the California Mentor Foundation and the Evelyn Freed Mentor Center.